What to do with aarav weapon

Looking to run him with rick commando what would be best thing to do to his weapon. Most likely be on def. Or would you leave his weapon and build up another weapon to swap out once his is build up

I plan on swapping this onto him for use on a turn 1 team. Keeping his real weapon the same


@ThatDudeYouKnow Cool thanks. Someone told me i need to get him turn one but wasnt sure what to look for that will help a lot. Need to get me a weapon an get the ap gain on it. I got plenty of them swords think its best way to go

Wakizashis are pretty rare weapons though. Were awarded in one event and that’s it. Rumor has it it can drop from wheel (the 5* weapon one, not the 4* weapon token), but slim chance unless you’re a determined whale…

Otherwise 20% AP to self can be crafted only for blue weapons…

I found 3 Wakizashis in my inventory, didnt even realise i had - i’m no spender so they must have come from the weapon wheel


I was watching the 4* wheel to cycle through and there wasn’t any Wakizashi. So either they removed it, or the preview doesn’t really show all prizes… even if available, it will still depend on your bucket, I guess :slight_smile:
Some of my fac mates have multiples too (spenders and those that play more than 3 yrs), but half of the faction including me got zero…

My bucket must have broken since i got them because I aint pulling shit right now lol
I honestly dont know where i got them, maybe they were in an event i’ve forgotten about, i’m a OG player so could have picked them up ages ago and just forgotten about them as i tend to favour ranged teams

I can confirm they are in both weapon wheels and if you are scrolling through they just take ages to pop up by scrolling.

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I got one from basic tokens

Green with envy here

Si salen en armas de 4* me dieron 2


lol…Determined Whale meaning spending lots of Real World money?

Just get huge ap and more atk on his weapon to 5* it but as others said, use wakizashi

My Waki sword!

That’s exactly what I used to do with him before I got Noor

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