What to do with 1 star characters now?

What are we to do with the 1 star characters now since they cant be used for leveling higher stars and cant be converted to trainers? They should make 1 star trainers or eliminate them from the game entirely.


Sell them

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These visual updates doesnt fix anything just made all harder, more complicated… rooster still full with 1 stars, 1 stars still drop like hell from scav mission, world maps, roadmaps etc. Why dont update the whole game and eradicate sll 1-4 stars from the game as they have no use anymore snd only give trainers instead? Whats the point to farm survivors, then train 2 stars, then transfer them to trainers then use to lvl up. 5 steps wasting time and boring ppl. Already so much repetative part of the game…


Let me correct you … no world map, and roadmap do
not drop 1* anymore … and if you have problem with 1* - 4* …you can just sell them … and for me personally i use 2* as territory team…
And if you remember before we have to do alot more steps just to level up toons and now its hard because you have to do 5 steps, that’s just funny :roll_eyes:…
I know new updates have few drawbacks like trainer cap being too low, skil trainer not giving XP…but non of things you said were a real problem compared to before (visual are also alot better than before, maybe you are having hard time because its new but everyone will get used to it)
Constructive criticism is always welcome but this useless whining is just toxic


I’ll steal this for future use :wink:

Jajaja ya somos 2 :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Awesome pull lol

Where did you get that? It thought the common toon bag, but that drops just 3 toons…

If that was from training, then tough luck, man…
Should have stopped 1* training (never really a benefit to 2* unless you’re really desperate for gear) as soon as the update was announced…

Bag from scavanger mission, still drop theese. Cant skip theese to get to ygl, but thats bugged too lol didnt get it for 4 days, while sometimes i get every day

It’s to standardize characters to be used by the level up system.

It’s be way more complicated to have the level-up system recognize all 2*s, at each level and tier, to be used as fodder. Much easier to have them all converted one trainer.

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I guess the bags from scav missions will net you much less 1* toons that would be comparable to 2* BOs dropping from world map instead of 1*…

Simply consider all 1* as 50 food or whatever the selling price is…

Use them as avatar

They also drop from the rescue maps… was hoping they would have replaced it to BOs :confused:

Selling them is bad math - for the ones you created from your survivors, you used 1600 food and 2 survivors plus an hour of time to create small/easy/brainless training fodder.

Now I sell them for 50 food and a 1550 deficit? I’d much rather see a conversion rate of x number of 1* characters into a 2* trainer.

(more detail here: Add conversion for 1* trainers)

why u even creating them they are useless stop crying over it and move on

Turn them into glue

While I am with you on the request for conversion rate, I’d like to understand why you bothered to keep spewing out 4k 1* cards instead of using them up in lvl up tourneys…

The communication was pretty clear from Scopely that you won’t be able to use normal toons in enhancement any more and that 1* won’t be possible to convert…

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