What to do if you find yourself factionless before war

Ok, with CRW close approaching, we’ve already seen the recruitment posts and the shuffling begin. Unfortunately, sometimes that means people get blindsided and/or left behind. What should you do if that happens to you?

First, to quote the wise Douglas Adams: DON’T PANIC. This is not the time to depot your town. I’ve seen lots of people depot their town because “it’s the only way I’ll actually quit” and then start over from scratch. Don’t burn bridges in global chat or harass other players here or in chat rooms. You don’t want to be labeled as someone difficult. Screenshots get passed around, often out of context.

Second, assess what you’re looking for. Be honest. It’s ok to be looking for a top faction that pushes every event and it’s ok to be looking to relax and chill. Play your game, not someone else’s. It’s ok to join somewhere just for war and then move on. (I’d be happy to fit players in my own faction just for the weekend if you want to war somewhere while you figure out your next move). It’s even ok to take the weekend off and see if things look different on Monday.

Third, start networking. You can post a thread here (beware, sometimes other players with an axe to grind will comment back with rumors just to throw wrenches in people’s plans). Hit me up on Line, I can point you to some recruiting chats. There are over a hundred regions and thousands of factions out there, you just need to find something that fits you.


She might mean me. Or my other ego @Bane.

Haha nice write up @LadyGeek

There will be panic. But make sure your factionless then pound sand til you find a home.

Don’t rule out transferring to a faction 29/30 or such but make sure the seats available.

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I love a good blindside.

Nice post with some wise tips there @LadyGeek

Screenshots get passed around, often out of context.

Do they now? :yum:

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I’ll be making myself factionless this CRW, will be nice not to have to worry at all this weekend and go shopping with the kids for Xmas


I’m still looking for people for war :slight_smile: just helping move the queue is enough.

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Moving the queue to the top 5 teams every round. Sounds like a good’ol time finding the same 3-4 characters in those same 5 factions. I’ll stay factionless but thanks for the kind words.