What to believe :(


What to believe ?? The calender says faction events will bthis weekend

and the weekend finished and no faction raids or SR or even lvl up !!! Is there by any chance they will b back!!


The calendar was updated several days ago with start times.


That’s what I still get from the carol and shiva bots in Line :frowning:


If u got it .it would b much appreciated .and thank u


Those bots are manually entered by players


The calendar is pinned on the forum. Scroll all the way down to the bottom for the most up to date information


But those solo level and solo raid times should still be accurate.






The only thing you can believe is the need to

Keep Surviving


I do thank u lol


Thanks so much


Rest assured solo level Up’s will continue to run with no change to the calendar on those. A few maybe added though.


Better make it a faction lvl up …all those solos is draining us especially f2p ppl like me :frowning:


Why would solo drain you? easy to sit out solos


I completely agree just sit and relax and t4 your toons but dont level the t4 untill faction events


I do most of the time and other times don’t even reach second milestone and its getting boring fast :confused:


I do all the time .but getting old and boring fast .and it shows u who really participate in the faction and who is a team player


Getting boring no it’s been boring for some time now


Lmao :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: true that