What time does solo lvl up start tomorrow?

Anyone know when the event will start tomorrow? ?

Survival Road today

~11am cst

Still nothing on vk

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So theres a chance there won’t be a levelup today?
Scopely actually listening to feedback?

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solo level up started in my region at 12 noon. 24 hours only.

nuggets or 5* tokens as prizes?

5 star tokens and crappy gear. You’re not missing much.

Both tournaments started in my region at 11am both 24hrs

The solo SR started an hour ago, but there’s no level up in my region.

Lets hope they just scrapped the solo level up for Mon-Wed. Nobody wanted 7 straight days of that shit lol

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Sounds like it was only rolled out in certain regions, thanks for the info.

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@Shawn.Scopely why is there level up in some regions and not in others. Color code the calendar if its going to be in some regions and not others or something… :unamused:


Yeah, it sounds like some regions get the solo level and other’s don’t. The prizes are for tokens though, so we’re not missing much.

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What about a free day ?? Those were the times.


Posters where you have started level up… What time zone are you in?

I like the avatar x)

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So back to giving select regions extra event? Smh

Those regions can have that level up all they want. I’m good


It doesn’t really matter Though unless you want to waste lvl up points on 5* gold coins instead of the event nuggets. I almost turned in a ygl and saw oh wtf it’s just basic stuff.

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