What time does onslaught start?


Just curious what time


Very bottom of the calendar has start times in Pacific


its not accurate, the calendar is behind or was not updated, you can also see what a mess it is, they`re not even in order


As of right now there is nothing to indicate this is not correct.

But every week at least 1 event is changed/replaced/starts at a different time


Who cares. Onslaught sucks.


Really hope for a major revamp, like actually having rewards…


Ikr. The worst part was the rewards.

Plus, they need to lessen the amount of l loves people have. 8 is too many.

It looked great in beta, but when it went live, it sucked.


i love having more loves


It will probably start right after limited time territory ends. At least that would make sense soooooooo . . . . . . . . . we will see lol


It would make sense to run multiple tournments simultaneously



Most people have their war teams in territory so they arent set as main defense so I think in this instance, no. Let territories end first.


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