What those of us who are actually locked out can do

Since it’s obvious no one will be helping us, as this is the only game company in the world that goes home early on a Friday knowing it’s servers are broken…

If we aren’t fixed in a reasonable timeframe (ie, today) , those of us still affected should contact Google play and the Apple store. They will refund in app purchases if a game breaking bug or discontinuation causes you to lose access.

I haven’t bought much in the past few months, maybe $10 worth of stuff. But if everyone affected opened cases with Apple & Google, someone would notice.

I might do that,because I have spent a huge amount of money the past 6 months. Im even afraid to look at how much I really spent​:joy::joy:

Holy shit, I just checked and its insane how much I spent in July.

There actually the worst company I know of game wise the most active days there afk what idiots decided that all I can see is the number growing for people who can’t even acess the game and scopley hq are hiding even tho they are aware of this but won’t help or just make. A statement to say we are aware and are working on something

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