What the **** scopes? Also level up event

Remember secretary guo?

Now he’s a s class toon.


Why didn’t they use lawyer shit since his name is secretary guo.

His stats.


When VK first leaked he wasn’t a s class plus he ready to be released.
Any who these are the recent leaks. No season store leaks.

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Rewards are shitty again.


About 650 cones is all i need to get my s-class Priya… :grinning:


Nice. Im starting back on my keys for pete instead of tec 9 shells for raulito

That s class toon is actually kinda shit, i guess you can put raulito, heng yen and aarav behind him and that is cool but in all honesty he is still kinda shit, 75% heal reduction is shit :man_shrugging: he is just an s class lead for yellow and reds and a bleed toon but michelle is better imo besides his stats. Also i get changing things up but toons like this with lead skills like heal reduction is wierd. He would prob be better behind Raulito than he would as a lead as Raulito can make a crazy bleed team out of the gate, 75% heal reduction is pretty trash tbh but of course people will buy him

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Sounds like you need a better team. I’m beating S11-12 teams using an S10 team.


i dont like his name, wtf secretary guo ?? LOL such a dumbass name… how about guo the great or something else.

I really do. Tbh Im kinda more angry at the fact scopely buffed the shit out of james (His col dmg II can take half your team out and your 2.5k is dead in one shot.

I have Camilla with atk mods (Im gonna give her def)
Dante with HP mods(Im gonna give him def and maybe impair,taunt,confuse resist)
Charlie with HP (Gonna change him to def)
White Shiva(HP mods for her)
Yellow Kal(Replacement until level up later on today.)

The only thing they bugged about Collateral Dmg 2 is that it doesn’t give AP to the other enemies hit now, the damage hasn’t been buffed.

You’re running like 4 Fast characters, so whenever you go up against James, there’s a very strong chance he’ll hit hard if he’s modded for crit.

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My dumbass thought crit mods was only for zombies. My camilla is T3 78. And James is good against Strong. Im trying to get chris to T4 so I can use his decap. So toons can stay dead.

Mod tips for Camilla, dante, charlie, shiva, christa (Im gonna swap out christa with atk mods)

I think you mean James is good against Fast characters.

Yeah, no, crit is a viable offense method in the current meta, especially since Collateral Damage requires a crit to activate.

Christa doesn’t benefit from Camila’s lead skill. Do you have Michelle instead and you can swap out Dante for another Fast/Alert?


Oof. No wonder. Michelle I don’t have. I do have andrea at t1 60 but no comics. Is christa good with crit or atk mods. Same with charlie

He’s not very good. Not sure why anyone would sacrifice Raulito lead for this lead.

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Shiva has two good mods. Impair and stun resist. I’ll give them mods to a toon that doesn’t die easily.

I’d swap out impair resist for something else. With her weapons and specialist, Shiva getting impaired isn’t the worst thing. Her dying from being less tanky would be worse.

Why do you say that?! We’re talking about heal reduction by default, bro.
That actually means that him and Raulito can bleed teams dry without even doing much work. I think he’d give some headaches…

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You can only use one as lead so… if you want the 3 turn heal reduction applied, raolito and him won’t AR until like turn 2 minimum. Hardly super effective

he doing that now… no one heals when dead turn 2 anyway

I’m gonna call the local Chinese joint and ask for the Secretary Guo combo

I know… It was just my impression. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong… Hopefully! :smiley: