What the hell is up with these wait times?

Seriously it takes 20 minutes just to find a war match in aow? I dunno i feel like scopely made this happen on purpose just so we can all ask for crw only. They just wanna suck up our money and give us shit rewards cut the shit scopely im done with your games.


I completely feel your point wait times should be instantaneous no matter if there is no faction queued up
Verse bots Yeah!

Scopely didnt do anything to the Q waits. It’s just how things will be for aow from now on. That’s why scopely was just giving us crw in post transfer era but some people asked for aow so here we are


Weve had long waits and back to back matches multiple times.

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Umm yeah, that’s what AOW is.




Why dont they just que up 6 to 8 bots to war against…its not like we raid real people half the time
…or 3/4 the time for that matter

Unless your in a locked region, it’s your fault for staying in a low-medium pop region.


Im in mitchell and still getting 20 min waits

and why did the RTS community ask for AOW??? Boggles my mind. The blame is squarely on our own shoulders.


Cause they listen to the unintelligent few here. Geez is that hard to figure out.


Everyone begged for aow, so now they have it. Scopely doesnt have anything to do with wait times, its other factions in your region who need to be active and queue up. If you want to complain about being in a dead region, then move. Alternatively, be happy with crw, which has shorter wait times.


Not sure what the mic drop was for, you literally stated the exact things besides better rewards that people said they wanted AOW for.

This game simply can’t support the AOW structure anymore. Even high populated regions struggle with wait times cause in most cases it’s filled with dead accounts. Do rewards improve for AOW in some cases yes they do. Do rewards suck for lower ranked or non whale factions in CRW in some cases yes they do. There is more than the end rewards to play for and CRW offers much better milestone rewards than AOW so that’s what most of us look forward to. Getting that GPS or Canteen not the 100th watch and radio. CRW is mostly for big money factions to measure their “rosters” against each other and for the rest of us to collect those items with out having to buy them. Get a grip people it’s not like this is the first time people have been here complaining about long waits long spins and multiple matches against the same factions in AOW. Why do you think anything has changed from the last one. If anything the recent round of blunders from the Scopley team has driven more people away and it’s only got worse.


I wouldn’t brush off end rewards. I’m not going to skip around over getting a canteen so I can level up… a Joshua

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I don’t mind AOW… It can be fun to occasionally fight the friends we have made through GC. We have almost 30 factions on the board. HOWEVER I do wish it was 6x6… As it is, our faction is quite active but all ftp, and we keep getting back to back whale factions because the lower teir ones take forever to muster up a team. It also really sucks when it takes you however long (several hours for some factions) and when you finally get a game you are wiped out by a whale faction in 3 minutes flat.


There should still be a place for aow, but 6vs6 blitz only. If only because cans seem to drop so seldomly, and they cost too much from the shop.

War weekends should be crw only idealy.

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Exactly. We haven’t had much problem with wait times (because it sometimes takes us hours to muster 8), but this war our faction just keeps getting matched with the top 2 teams in our region, and we aren’t even in the top 10. How is that fair? A team of mostly s6+ with a couple s9s matched with all over s9? Really? It makes people not want to play, it is so discouraging.


Ladies and gentleman #3 on my list. The “majority of the community” according to a random poll buried in a random thread voted for AOW. This is what you get