What the hell is this new weekly quest?

Open S-Class recruits 100 times? What actually is that?
Please tell me you’re not expecting me to get 100 Priya or Pete’s in a week? Because that’s never happening. Ever.

It means they want people to spend $250+ a week opening 0.02% chance in usable characters.
I’m wrong that’s $1250.00+ a week because it is x5 so 500 openings

Wow you got screwed I don’t have that one in mine

That’s the weekly solo mission? Scopes greed continues to amaze me.

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When it says “open 100 times” but the mission is 0/5 complete. Y’all gotta know when to spot a bug.

Not so easy to tell nowadays


You’re joking right?? You’ve seen the past events, right?

People do weekly missions?

No I’m not. People have to read and not just be gullible. It’s clearly an error, and as far as I know, no one else is getting the same mission.

Take everything with a grain of salt.

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