What the hell is goiing on with Scav mission?


hlo there

yesterday i got 100 k mission after doing that shitty 2 days mission but now again it showing that 3 days mission it means i have to clear all 2 days missions again just 2 get another 100k for once? ?

pls tell me if it is right so i can move on to another game


Yeah. I haven’t seen my mission for two weeks now, even after clearing the prestige missions. Scavenger is broke, and that is some bs.


What lvl Camps and Gold Missions are you guys at?


All 20 level


My camps are all at 20 and I’ve seen YGL once since I completed all the gold missions. The 3 day mission is the only one popping up. It seems many have us have really gotten screwed with this new plan.


It’s completely absurd how the mechanics of you got lucky work. I see mine once a week or once every two weeks.

How am I suppose to get the rest of Dwight’s vests when I can’t even level up my characters that I’ve been holding out on leveling till that one mission that everyone cares about, but doesn’t show up ever. But some get it all day everyday.