What the hell . . . AOW sucks

Why the change from CRW to AOW?
CRW is actually fun to play as you get a good variety of factions to fight against and pretty much the only reason left to continue playing the game.

AOW continually matches you against the same (top) factions with double shield triple revive defenses which make it pointless to even bother participating.

I know there are other threads, but the more noise the better, or so it seems with Scopely who tend to only listen to the vocal minority. It is literally only the top factions that don’t like CRW because they find it annoying when they actually have to compete for the top spots.

Edit - How about setting up a schedule more than a week in advance and cycle through fairly, giving people advanced notice.

Week 1 - CRW
Week 2 - Blitz
Week 3 - AOW
Week 4 - Raids

That gives people the opportunity to slack off every other week, if they need to but still complete. Blitz teasm can be filled so quickly, you don’t need to be continually watching to get a full team and you can get through all your raid cans in a couple of hours.


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