What the heck is wrong with the armory

4 times in a row I have gotten this. Have crit territories, use polishing kit and duct tape. Says I have an 80% chance to crit yet 4 times in a row no crit! This is ridiculous. @GR.Scopely the dev’s realize that posted odds should be accurate right?


Hell people think they will pull premiere in a 10 pull with far worse odds

I have the same results after 10 tries

Did you happen to use a blowtorch to skip?

I didnt just crit territories, duct tape and polishing kit. Coined it with about 6hrs left on the last 2

The armory can be messed up, back in the day, it was possible to not only fail the crit, but to completely fail a craft even when DT was used. Scopely completely denied that it happened though, so that was great…


Same here. 4 trys and no crit

It once took me 32 tries to get absolute defense, this is nothing new & NOTHING in this game is guaranteed.


Getting a crit like absolute defense is different then getting huge ap when attacking. With absolute defense there are multiple different crits so even if you crit you are not guaranteed to get the crit you want. With ap when attacking there is 2 outcomes. Crit and get huge bonus or dont crit and get very large. With an 80% chance to crit, get huge ap bonus, getting a non crot 4 times in a row should not be possible.

Technically, it is totally possible. Just very unlikely. Correct me if I am wrong, but four tries at 80% chance of crit success means just a 0.16% chance of all four failing to crit.

Unlucky? Perhaps. Armoury broken? Quite possibly.


Same no critical at all yet, I’d say a bit weird with a 80% chance but I just can’t be arsed

You are right, statistically speaking there is a chance of that happening. But the probability is so small that you should never see it happen.

Im trying to get a stun on ajax weapon for more than 6 months, every time using both armore with 2 guns, max chances, crit terrs, irems and no luck. Others get 1st or 10th time. Im over hundreds. Its not pissible. The whole armory is broken. Chances are lies. Like those maple leave chances they put 1% to each and i got 3x 25000 in first 10 pulls. Its simply totally random they have no control on luck factor

Not strictly true, given this playerbase has been in the millions (maybe not so much anymore) that 0.16% chance means that 1,600 out of every million players will experience it.

But you are right in the sense it is utter bullshit

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Best guess is that the display is bugged; the data is consistent with a crit chance of 45.5%. I would operate under this assumption.

[ETA] That’s 35 base crit chance with DT, times 1.3 for territories. Fits the data very well (both a small sample someone psoted a while ago and my subjective experience), and would put four successive failures at slightly less than 10 percent chance.

@GR.Scopely, can you point the team to this? The math of what the territories should do does not fit the display.

80% probability means that 80 out of 100 attempts would need up in a critical. Technically speaking, each attempt is independent of the others so it is not completely 8 out of 10 and every single attempt could end with a non crit. But basic probability would suggest that 80% chance would mean you should see the expected outcome 8 out of 10 attempts. I have never seen this amount of failures before. I think the update messed with something or they change how probability works in the armory and they should be upfront if they did.

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@Pearsmj1 @DrJank I will check with the team and report back here.


Im put 15 times if 80% crit and dont came the crit

Same problem here. 2 fails in a row for huge ap on Priya’s bazooka. Used all necessary items plus crit territories. Did not skip the timer.

Definitely seems like some kind of glitch