What the heck is up?

Okay I usually get a ascendable about once every 2 months. But since I’ve became active on forums try once a week. This week I got Rise to power Rick from elite characters of all places, and tonight I pulled Disarming Michonne from 5* characters. That’s twice in a week with odds like scopes. Not complaining at all, or if its what’s working okay I am… Lol.

Mods? And what do you all think? My lucks just improving? Strange though. Huh? And from 5* and elite. Idk what’s up. But I like it.

someone got a bucket upgrade… gratz


They hand out a lot more elite recruit tokens and even 5* tokens now than they did before (until very recently, you almost never got tokens for the elite recruit wheel unless one dropped from a war box, now there’s a free one every day, they can drop from events, are on roadmaps etc.)

More pulls means a higher chance of good pulls, and you are more likely to get to a lucky streak sooner.


Throwing you a bone to keep you interested.
I’d bet you would have been ticked if it was duplicates.
It’s not seize the play
It’s needs to pay.

Yeah. Majorly. I been pulling multiples forever and usually get 4* or 5* non ascends or 3* even. Never have I had luck on 5* wheel and elite wheel(ever) especially in the same week or month even. Must have bondoed my bucket. Lol.

Nah, I get dupes the majority of the time. Usually 4* or 5* non ascends. And 3*…no biggy. They are good fodder.

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