What the heck is this?


Scopley can you please give players better raid rewards other than a useless handkerchief? Its useless because it can easily be obtained through the world map or roadmap. Maybe players can win a reasonable amount of 5* tokens or coins depending on how strong the opponent was. But yeah, please take away the horrendous raid reward you can farm on maps etc.


It’s free. It doesn’t hurt you. Eventually they add up and can be sold for food. It can be helpful for new accounts.

Please don’t take away the little things.


Its my suggestion, it doesn’t hurt anyone, and eventually it will help new players too. Please don’t take away my suggestion.


I’ll politely disagree with that…
It’s the equivalent to the 4* on the premium wheel or the cauldrons instead of the rakes.
It’s frustrating sandbagging replacement designed to water down prizes.


Not quite the same. Do you guys complain when your bank gives away a free piece of candy or a sticker to the children, too?


I agree with your assessment… Anything is better than nothing.


I love candy.
But if a house on Halloween only gave me a high five, it’s likely to raise some eyebrows.


Lots of people choose not to participate in Trick or Treat. It’s their right, and their decision to not give anything for Halloween. I appreciate the people who do give something, even if they give candy I don’t particularly like.


Except you didn’t have to pay for it and it was still given to you willingly. If my 3 year old complains about a gift that was given to them which they didn’t pay for, and then demands something more because they feel it wasn’t in their best interest even though it was a gift, am I as the parent going to oblige them for feeling entitled to something that was free for them? Hell no.


Enjoy the little things bud, unless you want to start paying 150 coins a pop for a chance at a hanky next.


Actually, it’s a Neckerchief.


Lol come on bud :joy:


Damm children always wanting something for free! Those bums should get a damm job and buy there own legos.


Howdy Pardner! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I do agree with the op. This should not be a reward especially when there are museum collections going on. Just make the extra drops meaningful or not at all.


So I’m curious, let’s say this was optional. Drop rates for other items will NOT change, but you can choose to get nothing instead of the neckerchiefs. Is there a reason to opt out and not take them?


When there is no collection event going on sure a neckerchief is better than nothing but when people are using cans to collect things like shovels in the past or cauldrons right now getting a near useless neckerchief instead of that is akin to a slap in the face.

But instead of a neckerchief why cant it be something useful like 25-50 item, weapon, or 5-star tokens or even better an elite character token. It’s not like the chance is great but wouldn’t you rather have a shot a an ascendable toon instead of a easily farmable neckerchief?


Again, they’re not going to change the drop rate of other items, even collection items. Why should they remove the neckerchiefs that are useful to newer accounts?

I don’t think the economy for raids is so out of whack that the items need changing. It’s small effort, most of the rewards are small. That’s about par for the course.


I’m tired of the community giving them a pass for not updating things that need massive overhauls to get in line with how the game has changed.

If you are content with the way things are that’s fine. We are all entitled to an opinion. I just don’t agree with yours on this one.

Noobs can go farm 3-1 and get a ton more neckerchiefs than they will from a throwaway reward from raiding.


Noobs can also spend their world energy on better things than farming 3-1 if they get neckerchiefs from raiding.


Your arguing for the sake of arguing now.

So a better way to get a neckerchiefs is to keep raiding in the hopes that you might get 1 as a drop reward? You only get 6 tries every 4 1/2 hours without using cans.