What the heck? I should have been promoted to Platinum I

Scopley please fix this. I was Gold V #1 in qualifiers, which means I should have been promoted to Platinum I, but nope, you put me back in Gold V again. What the heck lol


Thank you blackmeow for clarifying with me about the ranks. :blush:

I don’t even understand what you’re trying to say… You got promoted to Plat in solo leagues but you didn’t get promoted? Grammar and CORRECT English pLeAsE

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Chill out man. I edited it.

Keep surviving

Lol yeah obviously.


If you finished #1 in gold qualifier it means you go into the top gold league. No promotions yet…

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Thank you. Thats all I wanted to know. :blush:

What does QUALIFY mean.


It means stop attacking me personally. Stop harassing me. Leave me alone. Lol.

Qualify to the museum please.

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the week prior the reset there was no going up/down on leagues
last week was just the restart of the stretch to qualify in your league to the highest division.

The up/down is restarting now

But your place means dia 4? For dia 5 you had to be p1-3. So it was in my quali.

people did not understand how qualifying week works thats all. just check the league number between your name and rank and that’s where you ll end up after this week promotions/demotions start.

No you got into diamond 4 promotion zone according to the screenshot. Hence you are in diamond 4. Nothing wrong here

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