What the heck...$99 offers!

Saw this…2 offers for trainers that are both 99.99…made me go wtf!

Why would you even buy the other offer if you bought any?

Just saw that and all seem to be the same. I’ll pass

Its called anchoring. If you see the more expensive offer you feel the other offer is quite a good deal.


Currently have over 400 benedicts thanks to the roadmaps. And endless burts and bradys.
I’m sure I’m not the only one.
And now they’re desperately trying to pump out these offers lmao. Scopley Logic :joy::joy:

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Why would you buy any of these*

Both of these are trash

it’s called let’s hope someone son jumps on the phone and buys everything

ir sleep buying

I only have a couple hundred Bennies, but then again I have no gold ascension tokens to use them on so I might as well have zero.

The first offer is equivalent to 1500 Burts; the second offer is equivalent to 2250 Burts. In Scopely algebras, 1500=2250 and 1≠︎1 most of the time :man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:

(1 Benny = 2 Basil = 4 Brady = 8 Burts)

No thx ill stick to my 870 free benedicts


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