What should i put on Glenn's onslaught club?


So the new museum event is out and i personally have Lori, Shane, and Lori so im going to go for Glenn and i run a melee team so he would be great but i aslo pulled his club last night and idk about yall but i love useing toons personal weapons so what should i put on his club if i have him behind a carl lead and who should i replace him with?


30 def. huge bonus when attacking, stun on attack

drop wyatt


Chuck it out and get a better weapon to start with?

The special skill does Glenn no favours, he’s support toon designed to command and buff - with his stats he isn’t killing anyone, leave that to the killers (not that you’re running any on that team). So utilising a weapon with an attack minded special skill doesn’t fit.

I’d get a Dwight’s Club or Oar (for the 30% Defence) add Huge Ap on attack and either some HP or a relevant specialist skill (stun on attack isn’t bad, but does kinda contradict what I said, or defence boost or AP down).


Yeah im a nerd tho so i like to use toons designated weapons cause i think it looks cool but ill still use it but wont keep the 3rd stat of couse he isnt an attack toon thats why i have Carl, Aris, and eugene there my best attackers but i play defense mainly not attack but i cant really get stun anyways so theres that


Well I can’t comment on your status as a nerd, and it does look cool.

But it isn’t great to start with a weapon where you replaced all three stats. Waste of a crafting slot.

If you are set on the weapon, I think Rhasst was right. Maybe HP Def and Huge if you can’t get stun


Your not wrong about it being a bad starting weapon it was originally ment for 5* Glenn and he was mainly a attacker and i will probably use another weapon till i get the stats i want on it but thanks for your imput @Kanaima


I guess this is ur defense team. They often go for glenn first as he is a command toon. Give him a weapons with hp+def+ap down when being attacked. Or u can take of def or hp for bonus ap when being attacked.


Me personally I would drop aris as she seems to look like the weakest link of the team I have had problems killing wyatt at times but never aris even with my ranges team


This is what I run


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