What should I do with all those arrows?

Dear Scopely,
Can you tell me if there is an option where I can use all those arrows without spending money to get feathers for the museum exchange?
Thank you

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After the 15th quills will be in lvl up rewards

Rank rewards in solo lvl ups. Like top 1 gets a quill.
So one of the whales in your region would have an extra “free” quill. Will it really change anything?

The arrows are part of the premium section of this event. Premium in this game means: you have to pay cash.

But Scopely is giving you arrows “for free”. So cool! Nevermind that they are useless on their own. You are almost there! Half way through. Now just buy some quills and get your reward!

They are really taking us for dimwits.

Well, we don’t know - we haven’t seen the rank rewards yet.

Anyway, the plan seems to have changed from what the event announcement says :

  • Silver Quills will be available via offers and Level Up Tournament rank rewards

So to answer your question , probably not. They’ll more then likely be won by peeps with an abundance of them and those useless arrows will go the way of the plushies

The keep shoving those up our stash

But not gon buy the quills! Imma wait for a Gate


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