What should I add to this weapon?

Trying to figure out if I should add defense or hp? Should I add bonus AP on attack or bonus AP on defense?

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I did ap on attack and hp cause I’m cheap


Going for HP over Def saves DT/PK, which means more chances at special mods elsewhere.

AP on attack makes him more predictable when you use him offensively.


get rid of atk and try for huge ap when attacked and increase def or swap for hp

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go for huge ap on taking dmg and crit. You’ll do sooooooooooo good with that.

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Just saves duct tape, defense doesn’t require polishing kit.


with Carl lead, I would add huge Ar to Attack and Defense !!
his pain split and + hp bonus really useful !!

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AP on attack + def/hp
AP on defense should be removed of this game for uselessness

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I kinda disagree. His pain split can be a joke if you know how to work it. If he pain splits with a yellow 5* for example, shiva will 1 hit them both. Reason being, the damage is calculated as straight damage based on the yellow toon’s stats, not individually between both toon’s stats.


I agree, his rush just makes him easier to deal with
Defense wins championships, or so says the idiom

Faced a ton of Wyatt last CRW, huge AP just makes him easier to kill.

The purpose of greens right now IMO is defense, tanking, and stun. In order to stun, the green has to live. In order to live, it needs DEF all day.

30hp 30 defense

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Takeoff the Stun, add HP buff instead, crit buff, and attack buff. Having all three buffs is going to aid you in your survival everyday.

Stun! all day with stun do NOT take it off :smiley:

a green team without stun will be rolled istantly.

RNG stun is the ONLY HOPE for green teams. They are useless without it.

Huge AP attack. I like huge AP when attacked as well but that’s me. Pure defense if you aren’t a fan of when being attacked which is reasonable since I’m sure the red governor will launch soon and this will just make it easier to neuter him.

Eyyy Hot Rod!