What should be added to the 5* wheel


Did you guys forget that 106 AR yellow Andrea exist? Im OCD and I cant complete the museum collection without her.

Drop Lead Blue Shane since we are changing up 6*s as well.

Also Rocket Abe to 5* token wheel would be awesome too.

That’s all. All in all the wheel update and such I am cool with.

I know you cant add everything but those 3 would be solid. Thanks.




Def. Agree with Marcus.
Carl as well.

Dwight they plan to ascend soon so thatll never happen.

But two other great choices…I need Marcus for collection as well.

Maggie you can buy in SD.


Gator :sunglasses:


Marcus is already in green ascendance though.


Most of you are making choices Scopley are been trashed for…:rofl:

Why add ascendency toons in there?
They have a way of obtaining…should be the only way imo.

And I’ve been a bit unlucky with my 4* to 5* ascendence.
Got Maggie, Oberson and Barker…who weren’t dupes so I was happy.
But got Rosita green and some other dupe I can’t remember…Ascension food.

Will keep trying.
Just wish it was easier to ascend. Tier 4 Level 70 is a Pain.


Dwight will be gettable from ascension.