What shall I do?

  • Ditch my friend and get with the girl
  • Keep my friend and not get with the really hot girl

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This is against my progress towards getting with the girl I was talking about last topic!!

So I have a friend who I hang around with a lot and do loads of stupid funny shit, sometimes the girl I’m seeing can see it as immature and she’s mentioned about being friends it’s him, whenever I’m with my friend we are always messing around no matter what but I don’t want to say to him “I’m sorry but I shouldn’t be hanging around with you” however I really wanna get with that girl


So you trying to be a real thot huh?


What do you mean


Bra’s before brahs


Nah, it’s definitely sisters before misters. I’m a chick, I would know, lol.


Just a friendly reminder to not insult genders in this thread. Any and all. Thanks everyone.


Quit being a He-man woman hater @kalishane lol jk, dumb joke but I couldn’t resist.


Oh my god, whoever got offended by my post, grow up. I wasn’t slamming anyone’s gender or race or whatever. I’m a girl and I wouldn’t get offended if someone just told me what I posted. Seriously y’all this isn’t a world where everyone is a special snowflake. This politically correct b.s. is lame.


I agree, it was lighthearted


Thank you


This will be my new mantra from now on :joy:


You should create a poll it would be more fun. Always funnier with poll.