What Scopely should do (and what they will)


I hope that all the factions that has more score than the legally obtainable in the Rise to power leaderboard, gets inmediatly erased from there, so the rest 100% legally factions get what we deserved and worked for.

Btw we all know that the only thing that scopely will do its to send some compensation, such as 1 elite token and a couple of grenades, but its free to ask.

Keep surviving in spite of Scopely.


well im not a fan of the idea of banning the whole faction for let’s say one idiot’s actions.
And there will be no compensation


The point it’s not to ban the entire faction, the point it’s that they dissapear from the Rise to power leaderboard, they won’t get the prize and they don’t stole it from the rest of factions.

I imagine that for scopely will be easy to see wich player of each faction has more points than usual, but its to many work for them, I guess, they’re planning a entire month of lvl ups.


well just ban the cheater then and delete their score - the faction will drop down in the ranks as well then


but lets be honest - nothing will happen


We all now that, but as I said, asking its free.

They will give us a couple of grenades and we must be satisfied with em.


There is definitly some sketchy stuff going on with those factions with scores way beyond the 8100. Unfortunately my faction a new world order in liberty for some odd reason has 8110! 10 extra that nobody can figure out where those 10 came from. Weve all sent screenshots of our badges and nobody has any extra. Something is wrong all together with the global scoring system. My team has never used vk ever and dont plan too. Weve all been playing together for a long time and will not risk being banned. Hopefull when scopely finally comes in to work on Monday they will fix these issues ban the cheaters and hackers but us legitimate players better not get hit with any bullshit or there will be hell to pay!


Scopely super event going bad as hell?
Is this a deja vu?
I hope they fix it, I also hope that tomorrow I will be millionare, something tells me that I’ve got more chances to be millionare.


I knew this event would be a disaster


No the entire faction needs to lose the reward. Scopely obviously can’t control the cheaters and can we call them cheaters because using game guardian does not make them a hacker as that would require skill. Unless these factions learn that they are putting their rewards at risk when they harbor a cheater this will never stop.


Hmmm, I remember a certain someone mentioned that something like this would happen because they wanted to show players Wakandas beautiful sunset.

They will do nothing