What? Saturday's war again?



please cut the solo LVL up, that would make the war on Friday.


Totally agree, i don’t get why they start on saturday now, it’s their best event and they took a day off, pretty sure not a single player asked for this.


Make war start on Friday again please


wonder if anyone will answer this yet


@kalishane is there any chance that the war will start on Friday this week or is it not possible until the next war?


I think we’re aiming for regular War Sat - Sun and CRW Fri - Sun as before.

CRW this weekend

Appreciate the heads up! Always good to be able to plan out weekends (Yes, I still plan my weekends around war :slight_smile: )


Yes thanks for letting us know. So will that be from now on going forward? All Regular war will be sat-sun and crw’s will be Friday-Sunday? Just want to make sure I understand correctly.


Not confirmed! I think we’re still observing how they go afterwards to find the best timing / matchmaking, etc!

I promise to keep you posted as much as possible! :slight_smile:


Okay thank you. We have a lot of people in my faction who are outside the USA and they would like to see wars start on fridays because our Sunday’s are their Monday’s. So maybe if you guys want to change it you could at least have it be Friday-Saturday and CRW Friday-Sunday. Just a suggestion not sure how others feel. thank you for letting us know though :blush:


Thanks for the confirmation of at least the team is observing it. IK my teammates, especially UK based, would like to see the old format return.


What’s the reason older regions even have regular war? I understand new regions are still very active but maybe we can have a four region war and then an eight region war. Region wars are so horrible in older region with 4-5 active factions.


So if we are going to start Saturday could we start Saturday 7am UTC and make it a 48 hour event? This would allow more time zones a chance to play. For our Australian players a 10am Pacific time start is 3 or 4 am on Sunday. Will we see lower milestones for the shorter war?


If your looking for feedback Start all wars on Friday


Both ALL OUT WAR and CRW should be Fri- Sun. Amd have Blitz War during the week every 2 weeks. Those are the best 2 events in the game.


I loved the old start time on friday… war isn’t the same, many players do their pts on the Friday night.


Yeah, sunday morning starts for war are no fun in Australia.


I don’t care what 2 days regular war is on or what time it starts. They should make it more fair for overseas players. I just want it to stay 2 days I hate grinding all weekend for such trash prizes and my region is medium activity so it gets pretty boring anyway.


War never started on Friday in Europe. A 48 hour event is fair to all.


Milestone targets should be scaled back at least.