What’s up with the walker swarm Nightmare map?

Showing up in Newberry but not in my main region? Rewards?

In Bacon region it’s on the roadmap but says Coming Soon

Any bets on how cheap it’ll be? Absolute on every zombie perhaps lol

Should be fully live at 3PM PST!

Ok merci pour l’info

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yea in Paulding region it in roadmap but cant play it. it’s saying coming soon : (

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Notice the timer?

Relax ppl!

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Nothing nightmarish about this roadmap other than the high energy cost and the additional wave(s). As far as rewards go, it’s a little meh. 2500 necklaces in total which isn’t a bad boost towards gear. But everything else you’d expect from the War/Survival roadmap with the exception of a Duct Tape and Polish Kit. Would have been better to throw in a Benny or Basil in the hard stages.


way to easy for “nightmare” anything…more like daydream cakewalk…hope nightmare roadmaps progress and become difficult…i used auto the whole time…weak. nice try though…

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