What’s the problem

Not mine …:


… Yeah no.

@Plagueis lookie here lol


Them* being a whale?

Not mine … as I’ve previously stated I’m not resetting again … …

Terrible set up tbh

Love how she will have around 8k attack though in battle


Who tf has her and her weapon finished already?

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Is it yours? Cause u should go and seek for help, seriously

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“whale” is just a 5 mistaken letters when you want to say “cheater”

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Priya would be unstoppable on a team of herself but. THEIR DOUBLE MAXED. 5 s class and double maxed priya’s from arena is 62,220 combined. She’s a ■■■■■■■ beast (62,270) Priya needs a big slash nerf.

What’s the team grade of that guy?

Guess he’s not part of the # thing

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Don’t underestimate VK


Has your prestige 11 faction mate with all the promo toons gotten her yet? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Lol you spend 4K on a character couple hundo is no object

Gotta let cheaters cheat so the whales feel the need to spend more to keep up


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