What’s the point?

In putting any past 6* in the premier wheel when you’ve already introduced a whole new meta to the game? I have no incentive to pull when soon there will be full s class teams as you release more and more of them and the common 6*s that were dumped on us will become useless if you wanna compete at the highest level? Not to mention the legacy’s you plan on releasing which I highly doubt will be on par with said s toons unless they happen to be dual specialists, which cmon we all know you wouldn’t do that for the ftp base. You’ve dug yourself quite a hole with your antics of the past few months scopely. :joy:


But they are hoping the brainwashing events and convoluted weekly events will calm masses.

Three before October’s end.
We promise we promise.

Like this is going to be a game changer.

Pure deceptive practices to keep you interested.

If people would stop spending on the wheels even if they pulled all these tokens it would have a huge impacts to prove the point.
But reward gamblers money and the mass majority will put it right back in excepting more.


If the other players have had the same amount of luck as I have, they will stop pulling. Because I sure as hell have stopped, a whole ass collection IN the premier wheel to get the toon?! Lmfao f that.

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