What’s the point of strike token with 3 and 4 star character

What’s the point of adding 3 and 4 star character to this wheel after you remove them from daily wheel it’s like they got promoted…seriously Scopely don’t know how to get people to spend


Because there is that shiny diego and alice nobody will get his or her hands on

Luckily you have a choice.

45% chance at a 3*. Oh boy. I cant wait.

:joy: :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: this is so ridiculous

I already have Diego so Alice is the only one I would want in that wheel but from I look at the odds I totally won’t even try

Even with those offer for $4 for three pull it’s pointless

you forget they are mugging people off. there are plenty to be mugged off. this isn’t for you or most of fairly advanced players. it’s a quick buck to extort newbies. we bought similar tokens 3 years ago (with better percentages though).

I understand but this is stupid with the level of the game now!!! No one need 3 and 4 star character not even the newbie what those
Strike wheel should be 5 star and ascendables only then ppl might spend on it

it cost them next to nothing to release. it makes 200k in revenue it was well worth it. and it will.

Well you have a point cause their is people other there that spend without thinking

Why do they even bother making these wheels with them in them and people think that scopely is actually trying to make this game better for us your sadly mistaken they haven’t done Thing to make this game better for its player base that wasn’t already in the works before the pu move to started and those that started to spend again are just plane stupid that includes subscriptions I’ve seen a lot of memebers claim to be A part of the movement yet they are still paying for there subscriptions smh

gambling. 3 dollar shot at alice or diego. it’s only 3 dollars kind of thing. miss no harm.luck it out - great stuff, best tokens ever. it’s how it works.

Good luck to you bro

Basic tokens vs Strike token odds. That’s all. :rofl:


Hahaha…$75 for a 40 pull…I’m dying send help.


Considering there hasn’t been a wheel with Diego and Alice in it and considering the rate for an ascendable pull is .6 percent on the regular promo wheels, that is actually a good deal compared to a regular forty.

Sad isn’t it.

They do this to make money I thought the answer was obvious

Yes but they should do it the right way …oh i forgot they don’t know nothing about the right way

2.1 for an ascendable. But I get what you’re getting at because recently the other options aside from the promo have been pretty dire.
Still makes this wheel significantly worse (especially with 3 stars included) than the promo wheel.