What’s the point of giving 10-50 War Tokens?

We can’t buy anything with that. I’ve seen the calendar of events and it looks like we will not receive another war event. Even the lower reward for factions get something better like 3k 5* tokens.


These tokens will carry over to the next war. So If you get 50 this time, get 50 in the next one and you get your free pull.


Considering we have another war.

Except anyone outside Top 32 in either war ain’t getting a pull


The point is to make people spend money. Every single decision that is made first answers the question “How will this make us money?”. Call me a cynic, but it’s true. The question is NEVER “how will this make the game better or more fun?”


My faction hasn’t even been to War yet. Right before it started we dropped to 7 teams but we only had 10 teams to begin with. We gained 2 teams after it started but the ones that joined hasn’t even signed up for War. Moochers lol. Oh well guess it’s time to move to another faction.

I don’t think they carry over

The turn in lasts until the 18th & if they follow the usual schedule we should get another war on the 15th-17th.


See crimson still at it

Better than buying them imo

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Well I for one am super excited - 10 tokens… well they are about as much use to me as t1ts on a fish

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Same 10 tokens, worse for lower finisher’s than the stash now we get absolutely nothing lol

Yeah I don’t get it. Even if they didn’t expire it would be of some use… save up over lots of crw and then get a pull would be better than this.

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whats the point giving barker in whell?

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As @marks assumed, the War Token wheel will remain until the next war, allowing players to make use of them by then :slight_smile:


Thanks for attempting to improve the war rewards but sadly they still fell flat. Please get rid of all the filler if you are going to do this system. NO ONE wants a third or forth toon that they already don’t touch. For an event like CRW all toons in the wheel should at least have some merit.


I thought your last piece of advice was to claim them straight away as they were not meant to carry over???

Anyway, please pass on my gratitude to the team for having to war two weekends (well 1 and a 1/2 as I was a bit busy last weekend) just two get a 2 Eugene for that. He will greatly improve my roster by saving as a Lillith.

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Not if you only got 10 JB, now we have useless tokens and no stash, I was hoping this would benefit lower factions, unfortunately I was wrong lower factions are even worse off :pensive:


Ps it wasn’t through lack of effort on my part, 225k score which in my faction was hard graft, and please everyone don’t ask me to (well find a more active faction) I know you will :joy: love my Faction and tried to get us to top 40 for the canteen etc just fell short 41st, is my up and coming teammates get nothing