What’s the point of ascendence tower?

I am glad this game is trying to keep it fresh, but the 6 star era had one crucial difference and that was the ability to get legacy ascendables. S class is dropping too fast for us to rely on slow collectible items and a free S class every so often. Please make 6 stars ascendable and I know I’m not the first to suggest it but I am here to reinforce how important it is for FTP to get more S class toons to compete


It’s good to see I’m not the only one thinking this.


Legacy ascendance is dead. It’s not coming back. Not ever. Sorry.

You can however do a hundred pull for that “generous” guaranteed 5-star ascendable and pray you also pull a 2nd along the way or you grind out the 4k cards after the promo has been out for 6-months and then ascend them.

This whole system we have in place now is to get people to spend for gear, trainers, and medals. They don’t care if it takes a f2p player months upon months to get an s-class for free. They want our money and now not our ability to grind plain and simple.


I have finally started clearing out all 5* non ascendable toons over level 40, get rid of them that time has past and they never answer the question of legacies


You know what would be great?
Farmable gear map(Not the bullshit one that requires Comics to get the keys)
Farmable trainer map that dishes out basil or higher trainers(it’s so great have a shitty s class ascendable to waste my gear that’s in short supply along with my trainers That are in just as short as supply) so I can use my S class characters to you know play the game with.
Lowering the cost of food to lvl up.
Scrapping the 5* era town since in my opinion has been completely irrelevant since well the games 2nd year.
Removing the 4 year useless 4* wheel.
And my last idea making the game about fun and not shitty lame Azz events that you almost have to be on 24/7 to play.

Can we get that message across @Parker @theplayercouncil @anycommunitymanager

Is it so hard to make the game fun for the non-spenders? Because you know the spenders gonna spend regardless.


S-class ascendable right in the tower. Granted without the cards it doesn’t do you any good but it’s the thought that counts

Yeah but now that you said that instead they will just make a leadership skill that kills every1 in 1 hit instead.(this is no joke)

That’s the 6 star not the ascendable, he obviusly will be on the tower lol

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Wait, you’re telling me that you can get him from the tower as a 6 star? That’s great!

The ascendance tower lists all ascendable legendaries - doesn’t list dual specialist (as those haven’t been ascended) and doesn’t list non-card Sclass toons either.

We might want to have a tower that would actually list ALL characters (yes 1* too!), their skills and stats and maybe even some fun backstory. Most “collectable” type games have such encyclopedia / badge list that shows you have acquired such a character before, while TWD only has the imperfect ascendance tower, which (for whatever reason) flags all toons as new (!) every time I start the game…

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Nope been thinking it just don’t like to get on here if I don’t have to.

Let us know when you have gotten rid of the last one. THAT is when ascendable 5* into S-class will hit!

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Never going to happen🤗

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