What’s the best choice?

Time to re arrange mods…

For a shield what’s the best option?

A) Def mod + HP mod + Stun resist
B) Def mod + Stun resist + Confusion resist?

And also… best to go with Def set of HP set?

Thank you guys (and girls)

These are good questions. For a while I was running stun and confuse resist on Magna but switched to HP/DEF/Stun resist and I’ve had better success.

I’m leaning towards the bulkier the better for shields and choose the best resist for your team. If you have a focus user on your defense as well they can help mitigate confuse/taunt so Stun resist is probably the best.

No other opinions?

Depends on weapon and lead skill. I would say 1, go with whatever set is gonna give you the best overall outcome, ie, 4/5 gold def mods compared to 1 gold, 3 silver 1 bronze hp. all things being equal, then I always say hp. 1 bonus hp is based off of total hp, so increasing hp means if u use a bonus hp character it will give more, and bleed/burn are static, u can have 300 hp and a bazillion def and your dead if u get hit a a bleed/burn. A mods and more toons w at a bleed/burn its more efficient.

I would try to use both resists, hp set w def mod or def set a hp mod. Your shield isnt much of a shield when it’s not shielding.

I only have him atm but my setup

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