What’s that new Clementine for?


Where is the original one?

Scopely don’t pretend and forgot your promise on legacies


She’s in the trash with all the other unreleased legacies


Seriously, why not ascend the previous red Clem for any other reason than money. Fucking wack.


Well they needed to have a new look to Clementine, and I think the old one was of a younger Clementine. So they’d have to change the look of her (tbh I’d rather that happen) to make her ascendable.


They could’ve easily made her 6* version the older clem


Because Cash. I don’t know why anybody is ever surprised anymore.

They are usually identical to old 5* too. :shushing_face:


Sure, but the transition would have been way off.


Seems like an sr character mostly. Self ap drain kind of sucks though


Scopely character design:
“Hey, we got a new Clementine to feed the whales!”
“Oh joy, what rush will you give her?”
“HMMMMMM…Let’s use pain split again! They sure do love that one!”


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