What’s more profitable for a game, premier recruits or long gold-requiring war


It was a thing earlier, the most of the profit was made out of selling strong rare toons and gold bundles to perform in wars and get even more rare toons, compete with others in a fun and exciting event. Why did this strategy died out? What’s your average gold consumption during war and what’s the biggest ever took place and on what kind event(for which prize)? Is it community that caused it since we pull everything just like we have casino type of fun every time we do ?


The biggest I spent on a promo were x3 big packs and it costed me a lot(because of the currency rate) and I didnt get anything(I guess it was green Jesus shield promo, don’t ask why lol) and the biggest I spent on war was big pack, but it was more frequent like 1bp per war, and we got a bunch of prizes and toons that were decent and sometimes really useful and unique


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