What’s in the war stash crates

Hi just wondering if anyone knows what characters are going to be in the war crates


Doesnt matter 97% of players wont be able to pull for them


I doubt Scopely even knows what garbage rewards they’re gonna throw out for us.

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Harlan Aiko aris green beta


So basically useless toons :rofl:

Its a joke the actual rewards haven’t been released yet.

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but I wouldn’t be surprised if those were the rewards

I have a baddddd feeling about this lol

Same here lol

I’m sure some more garbage and even if it’s not it will be one good toon and 3 complete trash ones as usual

We will get this amazing op weapon or a tree branch :rofl:


Lol that was hilarious when that gun ended up on the pull wheel


Who is beside kal

@JB.Scopely thank you for putting a broken character in the stash. How thoughtful of you guys.


Laura, seriously bad bunch there. Yellow Kal isn’t the worst but he’s average as hell.


meh :rofl:

Most pathetic war rewards I have ever seen. All of these character are outdated, if not completely has been. Of course this stash resets before the next war.

Whew! At least this weekend dont need to grind and dont need to spend any money @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely :hugs: tell the team i and many others say thank you for giving our wallets and life a break this weekend

No new promos. Absolute hot steaming piles of garbage as rewards.

Has Scopely finally given up pursuing the whales?

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