What’s going to happen?

It’s the end of All Out War tomorrow on The Walking Dead!!

Who do you guys think is going to die?

Shyt i should probably watch the last 8 episodes lol


This is a dead post

I think the show runners will kill off another beloved character, thus ensuring the complete demise of the show. It seems to be the idiotic path they have chosen to take.

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My bet is that someone important like Rosita or Gabriel is gonna die and bend the comic storyline even more.

A lotta people have been hating on Eugene lately, kinda hoping he bites a bullet, but doubt it too. Plot armour for now.

Morgan leaves to go on Fear The Walking Dead, and I really hope Tara dies! She so annoying

Laura for sure is going to die, despite the important role she has with Dwight in the comics. I bet Eugene’s gonna get it, seeing as he failed to use Daryl and Rosita’s kidnapping to his advantage: If Negan won, he could of course explain to him that they kidnapped him and they held him hostage and even jailed him for not doing what they wanted. If Rick won, he could slowly earn his redemption. But now that Alexandria will see him as a certified Savior, he won’t get the good treatment. Maggie was given the plans for medieval technology that was certainly seen in A New Beginning. So that means Eugene will possibly not have the role of helping Alexandria rebuild, which was said in the comics by Rick.

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Gabriel isn’t important lol


You aren’t wrong. He is just sort of there.

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