What’s everyone’s favourite Jim Carey film?

Liar Liar?


Dumb and Dumber?


Not, The Mask…?


The Tucker show.
Shit it’s the Truman show


Can’t Beat the ace Venture film

me myself and irene

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With Christmas around the corner, we have to give a special nod to The Grinch. He killed that role!

Dark Crimes seems pretty fitting.

Or perhaps ‘A series of Unfortunate Events’

Ace Ventura no doubt

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Aceventura the get scopelyed! Out of pocket! Fav film by Jim. If there is no such movie id pay too see it.

For this situation, it would have to be Liar Liar :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

You are 2 for 2 today. Keep it up :rofl::rofl:

It was meeeeeeee! Liar Liar innit


Vanilla Ice skit on In Living Color!!! If you’ve never seen it it’s worth a YouTube!

I know these arnt popular but the number 23 and enternal sunshine of a spotless mind are my 2 fav Jim Carey films. He is mostly known for comady but when he plays a serious role, he does a damn good job.

Any of his films where he doesn’t pull stoopid faces.

Me, Myself & Irene

I like the one where his name is spelt correctly in the credits.

No mention of The Cable Guy? That’s a shame :wink:


I’ve changed my mind. It’s now Dumb and Dumber. Liar Liar gives too much credit

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The Sonic movie