What s-class to go first after picking up Pete & Priya?

So I picked my S-Class Priya and close to get Pete but now wondering either to go for a second s-class Priya or just go for raoulito or another s-class. Seen 2 s-class Priya in some teams they do great and cause u to be worried what to do, in another hand 2 Priyas will make me a sick attack team. So what everyone is went for? What do u think

This always happens when high damage characters come out. We seen it with Andrea in the 5 star meta Tyreese at the start of the 6 star meta, then Alpha later on etc etc.

There is a few things to consider; arenas don’t allow duplicates.
It’s a lot of resources into one character, when the others are appearing every fortnight.

I’ve always preferred versatility over raw power for that alone, Raulito would be my choice. In saying that , double Priya is going to do wonders for you in war (provided you don’t get confused).


Aarav 100%


Hengyen or Aarav

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Aarav is great. Was thinking a lot about getting him since he has the ability to wipe out your whole team with one rush. But then again i started thinking there’s no s-class leader or other great melee to pair him with except henguyen

Aarav looks great on paper, until you realise how quickly exhaust kills him and how plentiful Laopo’s are after the years of chocolate cake only rewards.

He’s one to go for eventually, but for now, I’d build on your strengths; Wangfa, Raul or Laopo as a damage soaker for this red meta.


he can only kill him if he uses his active though

I like Henygen that crosshairs is nice.

What attack team would peeps build with 2 Priya’s

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I’m saving torches for Wangfa. Lead for tough and strong can combine Priya and James in the same team, not to mention his crosshair lead skill on first 3 turns

Wangfa is amazing as a 6*,

Yes! Will take a lot of time to get his items available on collections and events, but the 6* version is enough to start some damage hehe

Her AS is getting fixed on this update


I use priya and aarav on my att so just daze laopoo if her as gets fixed

Laopo #1 s class atm imo

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Maim resist :wink:

2 s-class laopo will make someone break their device imo

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