What S Class should I go for after Priya?

Need some help with this.

Any range like raulito for the recap or Pete for the heal

Another Priya

Using priya and aarav with harrison lead… pretty nice.

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Harrison or Carl, both work great with priya and aarav. I think Carl was in the museum.

I’m running Priya with Hengyen via Carl. Pretty nice combo

Get aarav! Hes a beast! I raid everyone now.

A yellow toon Heygen or Aarav would be good so you can advance upgrading and restock ranged gear. Priya took my blue and Pete got all my red gear

Laopo or Guo. Eventually these will come to be accepted as the best toons in the game (not counting future releases). Laopo has the best AR in the game, a pretty good Active and a very good leader skill, whilst Guo has Doc Stevens +60ap to 2, but as an active, so impair (which is more common than Daze) can’t affect it, he also has a damn good AR and the Sclass stats that Doc doesn’t have. 2 of him in a team will be the very best of teams in 2 or 3 months time.
3rd I’d say Aarav. He’s a pure damage train. But you already have the 2nd best damager in the game, although it’s always good to have both.

The vast majority have learnt how to deal with Pete.

Laopo will only be good if you want a slow auto team

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