What ruined the game for you?


(Some) 6* characters.
Worsening rewards per tournament.


Too many level ups, the armory and cheaters


Too many solo level ups.
Rewards not matching milestone
Milestones too high.
No new content to world map.
Game has become a farming game.
Etc, etc and etc…


I was willing to deal with all of the other bullshit they have thrown at us (terrible prizes, lack of ascendable 5*'s. Everyone running the same damn team) but currently what is really frustrating myself and others in all of the regions I play in are the now constant nonstop level up tournaments and the insanely high milestones. The thing that makes it worse is that Scopely seems to think they are doing the right thing by doing this which is opposite of what 90% of the player feedback regarding these levelups is telling them.


Six Star toons. :-1:


6 star system


Lack of competition, lack of prizes, too much cash, too much cheating. That leaves no option to play.


The 6star revolution really destroyed the game. They basically hit the restart button and than started hurling old 5star toons that were once premiers at us. Although it was cool at first, I than realized how entirely worthless they were. Lee was my long time wanted toon. Than I finally got him and he ended up being completely worthless because 6stars can just take him out in half of a turn.

I thought the 6star ascendance thing would be great for the game, and we could all get rid of 3s and 4s. But alas it came at a price that just ruined everything.


6 Stars, rewards, scopely


Michonne’s head.


Constant level ups that require reaching ridiculous milestones in order to get necessary pieces of equipment for whatever event happens to be going on at the time.

If they weren’t so back to back to back to… the requirements to hit those milestones are fine in my opinion. You need to plan and strategize for weeks in order to save the resources, but that’s the point of having competitive events. Difficult is a good thing, but the way things are right now is just ridiculous.

Editing to include the desperate need to merge dying servers. Playing the same 20 or so factions for almost two years now has people on my server losing the desire to bother anymore. It’s about on par with the constant $$ grabs that the entire community of players have been vocalizing on for months now.


non-stop level ups, new reward system where we have to grind to get obsolete 5* toons if not hiking boots or Burts


Scopely is like a gold digger, yeah they killed their own game.


The game has always leaned towards a pay-to-play system. Or at least a pay-to-win system. But lately it feels as it is nothing more than a cash grab. What used to be farmable and winnable is just now sold in neatly polished Packs and sales.

Unfortunately now every event leans towards and pushes selling packs and bags to complete what should have otherwise been farmable or readily attainable


This so called event, has to be the worse in 2 years and lack of communication, level ups, rewards and shot rewards.


Constant level ups, bad events, milestones unreachable (at least for lvl ups), ascended characters only from premier, and lack of communication.

But the biggest one is the release of Erika and the other 6* premier toons, I had a decent defense and attack team only for Scopely to destroy it with one toon. The RNG in this game gave me a lot of melee toons (mostly green). Now my team can be killed so easily.

The only thing Scopely is trying to do now is make as much money as possible before the game dies completely. I don’t believe they care about the players, only dollar figures. That is why they throw ridiculous offers like 1 million food for $29.99. I mean I can easily obtain that by collecting from my resources or farming.

I’m on the borderline of retirement, this game had its moment but now it’s a huge cash grab. I hardly open the game now, the only thing I go back for is the folks in my faction.


1-I’ve said this to faction mates when there was just a hint of 6* characters, and I will say it again, 6* will ultimately be the downfall of this game. It made $$$ rosters obsolete and pissed off just about anyone that has ever spent to get a certain 5*.
2- Farming/grinding non-stop with menial rewards.
3- Rewards for all tournaments have become complete dog shit.
4-Too many level ups and not enough gear maps.
5-Forcing players to buy the “Premiere of the Week” just to compete, while claiming they don’t have any old school 5* to ascend despite the VK data mining from months ago.
6- Buffing of 6* stats right before a war weekend, and then Scopley claiming the buff was based on the community feedback and requests from players!!!???
7- CRW, which was initially very fun, has become biggest money grab. No can drops, fighting the same damn teams repeatedly, coining non-stop by opponents with fragile egos, etc.


Pretty much the game went downhill after the 6*

Everyone has the same teams, no gear, lvl up with Huge milestones (Because of the 6* gear), obsolete 5*. No War for 2-3 months and after that only tokens.

So, yeah. 6 stars came, without any request and low (Since until today they are saying they are low on 6*) numbers.

And since we are complaining for more than months and nothing has changed. So yeah, pretty much what will happen is a Lot of players Will stop. They will give away characters and later Merge. Since no one Will come back, the game Will close.

Sad to see. If only Scopely listened to us. But no. Well. Their loss.


6* toons.
Way too many level-ups.
Token events with barely any tokens (lucille tokens as a prime example).
Events that are dragged out way longer than they should be (a new threat as an example) which become borefests.
Cash grab events (the recent thanksgiving one, I had 14k corn - 900 turkey, with no turkey drops whatsoever).
The fact that pixels are so scarce at scopely, just as those turkey drops were.


Lack of 6 stars and diversity.

Making our hard earned toon useless over night.

If ALL 5*s had legendary counterparts i would not feel this bad.