What rewards would you like for War?

Does anybody know which rewards will we have for this War? I would like a new wheel with good characters like gen 2 but i think i am dreaming …

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New war wheel doesn’t come out until November 1.

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Excuse me for my approximative english i am french so it is sometimes difficult to speak well.

Ok thanks . I didn’t knew that

Decent ones

I hope we will get more Red Velvet Cakes from War.



5* tokens


Lol. I hope you are wrong

Maybe those choice boxes again

Yup. Red velvet cakes to complete a collection would be cool but if they give us enough to do it. I think that giving 500 cakes and more for top faction would be the right thing to do because we have no pull since 2 War. Last War i really was wondering what i was fighting for… No ascendable at the end of the War… Before i was happy because i could expect having a new toon but now…


Why expect anything good. Look at SR rewards

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Im not about to answer… if we show too much enthusiasm for a certain prize you just know we won’t get it.


Laser sights fr fr

Shirts and gloves maybe?

In actuality it’s going to be hot garbage

Supposed to be the rotting heads we need to collect for exclusive s class war toon

But you know the minute that you start asking for smelling salts and grenades as 1st place prize, they will enact greater communication

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They said rotting heads will be milestone rewards. I wish they give red velvet cakes but 500 for the 1st faction isn’t enough. It should be more

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please war tokens please i dont need any cakes