What reward wheels should look like

So, both the war and summer wheels are total trash. We all know this and have told Scopely multiple times, but they have repeatedly ignored us. If they want us to bother competing seriously, and spend to place highly, they need to improve these wheels dramatically (since they adamantly refuse to put toons up as rewards). Nobody likes to compete for RNG rewards, but if we must, at least make it something that will improve our roster. F2P toons should NEVER be on a reward wheel. We understand they don’t need to be OP, but there are many, many older premiers that are still viable. Here’s my suggestions for useful toons:

-Red Lydia
-Red Beta
-Lacerate Rick
-Decap Wayland
-Guardian Glenn
-Shield Jesus
-Yellow Yumiko
-Yellow Romanov
-Disarm Michonne
-Disarm Bruce

Many of these toons have been included on previous war/reward wheels, but are all better than the current trash! Why are we having to spend more time and money for worse rewards? None of them are OP or game breaking. Although they all have some value (some more than others), none of them will suddenly turn a F2P into a player that can plough through any team. Nor will they turn whales off spending more because their rosters are suddenly complete. They will just encourage us to compete (and therefore) spend more.


IMO they have listened and ignored us.

I’d even go as far to say they do the exact opposite.


Lol man, you’re asking way too much. You could ask for a wheel with those and yellow kal with 99.5% chance of kal

LMAO…this is a joke right? I mean really? You’re also forgetting toons that need to return. Donny, Rick, Douglas and Eric need to be in there

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All of those are available F2P. Either through 4 star ascension or the 5 star wheel. Donny is even available in the museum on top of those two. It’s a kick in the teeth to those who have them (or multiples of) to then get them AGAIN as an event reward.

They are by far the most useful ascendable toons we have ever had and not everyone has them. Plus the odds of getting them from ascendance tower are less than pulling from the premier wheel

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Seems a lot have a short memory. We USED to get toons as a reward outright. I understand this is asking too much but this seems a compromise. Why participate for trash rewards? Even many of the toons I’ve included are mediocre. Is asking for mediocracy even too much?

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Many of what u listed are not mediocre and are still very good. I mean Amber, Alice, Dale, Harper, red Lydia? I mean it would be great but seriously


Yes, some are good and some are mediocre. None of them are OP and none of them are total trash. Should we not have a chance to compete for good rewards? Has Scopely really managed to convince us we only deserve OK toons for out hard work?

No but if they released more in the same caliber as the ones I mentioned I think most wouldn’t complain as much

Would be nice to have a ‘jackpot’ toon on each wheel. Lydia is dated now, and very easily countered by the plethora of decaps now available.

Edit: just seen you said red Lydia. Apologies.

Amber is arguably the most OP attack toon. Alice is an OP attack lead. Zander is up there in the OP talk. Harper is OP. Camilla is OP due to lead skill. But everyone else for sure has no reason not to be in wheels.

Harper is gen 1 though. And like I said, a ‘jackpot’ toon in each wheel would certainly make everyone compete (spend) harder.


I agree def should be a prized toon like they did with cole for war wheel. And although gen 1 still one of the best toons to have.

Tbf, this is the type of thing we should be expecting in the wheel to #closethegap. Only 1 or 2 of this type in a prize wheel, them the rest being along the lines of Dougles, GS Rick, Lydia etc. So the headline toon or 2.
Those quoted still aren’t anywhere near the level of the OP toons of the last 2 or 3 months.

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They’ve put Vincent in the latest war wheel.
And put Kal (again) in the more recent summer tokens.
In their minds these are acceptable toons as rewards or prizes. (Or just trolling)
So Its going to have to take a massive change in mind set for them to even consider half the toons you’ve suggested.
Never going to happen unfortunately.

This pool makes a bit more sense I took out most of the recent promos but left a few of the worthwhile toons plus some of the halfway usable gen 1 toons…never going to expect them to put in recent premiers in the war wheel but there should be toons that motivate us to war

I just want diego on a wheel again

I remember the days when they made promo toons and there were toons that were made exclusively as 1st place war prize. Then previously released toons became 2nd and 3rd place prizes for war. I wonder what happened to the company that was smart enough to do that. Seems they have been replaced by money hungry savages


Imo there needs to be a massive change in the war wheel approach of setting toons. At the moment many F2P and moderate spenders go for 3 months of warring without a toon that even comes close to impacting their roster. And whales… Nothing in war wheels would be worth it.
I’d go so far as to propose war wheels like the following:
War wheel 1 (8 weeks): Amber, Dale, Erika, Camila, Joshua, Fast Alpha, GS Rick, Fast Lydia, Tough Magna, Mckenzie.
War wheel 2 (8 weeks): Blue Morgan, Alice, Red Revive Sandy, Douglas, Fast Glenn, Fast Wayland, Shawn, Chris, William, Gabriel.
War Wheel 3 (8 weeks): Zander, Garrett, Denise, Holly, Diego, Tobin, Cole, Fast Jesus, Harper, Naya.

(Note each one has a shield and at least 1 revive, also I think I’ve stayed away from toons that require baseball caps and sports jackets to level)

3 wheels in a row that even many whales would find it worth fighting for. Such wheels would help F2P and moderate spenders out tremendously. Most pulls on these wheels could have a big impact on many peoples first teams on both attack and defence.

If they are 8 weeks then Scopely would need to run 3 CRWs, 1 AOW and 2 mid week Blitz’s in that time to ensure most players get 2-3pulls.

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