What r ur fav 6 stars (top 5)

5: Gator cause of leader skill

4: Jessie (to me because she heals while having good hp)

3: lucas his ap rush gives ap and impairs

2: erika because of revive and bonus hp and being op

1: shiva because of stun and ap rush


5 Gator - great as a farm team leader and great against walkers with his camo

4 Mirabelle - great overall toon. Her leader skill, AR and active skill make her useful on attack or defense

3 Tyreese - an attack beast. His AR can usually take out 2 toons with full HP

2 Governor - great AR and neutralize is always awesome. My region has lots of Carl-led, mostly green teams. He (along with Mira) is a must-have.

1 Ezekiel - I waited a long time to ascend him and I completely underrated his Guardian skill. He’s been my most-used 6-star since.

My top five 6*

top 5 Gov
top 4 Koa
top 3 Shiva
top 2 yellow jesus ( will be release early in next week)
top 1 green michone doble sword (will be release early)

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in no particular order

-neo mich (blue confuse)

Erika, shiva, blue michonne, glenn, and neutralize gov.

My top 5 favorite 6 stars (from my experience with 6 stars, i am mostly a f2p melee team user)…

5- SF zeke: the first 6* still brings it with his guardian 2. He still keeps blues in check and is used in a lot of defense builds.

4- mira: she stuns 3, she removes stun, she empowers other rangeds. What’s not to like?

3- erika: the only toon right now that can make me curse in anger when she ARs or at the start of a raid when i see 2 of her. I hate her so much i gotta have her!!

2- carl: this guy legitimized my defense literally. Before he came around during war i would do 4 attacks then gauge remaining life to see if i can use 4 more attacks from war can. After him, i dont even look at my health anymore; he walls it up along with my greens (those 4 stun weps lend a hand as well).

1- OG shiva: high damage, solid disruption at low ap cost, 2nd turn commandable no matter what team u have (as long as with command), she is definitely my favorite.



  1. Bruce or Alpha - Bruce disarms and can have stun sword with crit weapon, Alpha is a beast
  2. Garrett - lead skill, taunt, solid blue def
  3. Hershel - att down to enemy, att up to teammates, guardian, can get solid stun gun on him
  4. Erika - no need to explain why she is 2nd
  5. Michonne - she will drop two reds easily, disarm, confuse


  1. Tye and Dwight - both very solid
  2. Mira - love her stun 3 and heal stun
  3. Zeke - guardian, +60def, can drop one - two blues
  4. Shiva - confuse and good att/def
  5. Glenn - for me he is insanely good, maxed out AR and you are set

Gov is also up there for FTP

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I keep changing those numbers from 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. to 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. but it still shows it in a weird order, sorry for that

5 Shiva
4 Alpha
3 Neutra Governor
2 Jeremiah
1 Disarm Michonne

Going off the people I have whether they’re ascended or not.

  1. Mirabelle - Good stats, great for creating offense-heavy teams. Rush is good for supporting. But that HP lead skill doesn’t make for a team that stay alive for long. 5⭐ tough teams with Richard as lead can be annoying as I pretty much run a 1 Alert/4 Tough team.

  2. Wyatt - Not as tanky as I had imagined when I first saw him. But the additional defense and pain split shows uses in relieving damage occasionally (don’t have bonus HP yet tbh). Being able to individually taunt people instead of on a rush has proven to be more useful to be honest.

  3. Maggie - The tank Wyatt should’ve been. Great stats defense-wise. Taunts, debuffs attack, and pain splits for two turns plus Indomitable making her one hell of a F2P tank. Next to Lucas, she’s one of the best toons you could have handed to you with little effort. If not for Shiva and Lucas, I’d ascend her right now.

  4. Lucas - Truth be told, I don’t have him. But that’s guaranteed to change in a week tops. Defense bonus to help offense-based Alert toons like Gov and Mirabelle make up for their lead than excellent defense plus huge AP gain on offense. If that’s not enough, he acts as the Alert version of Siddiq by damaging 1, impairing two others, and giving an AP boost to a teammate to help pop off early. And his rush is fast too.

  5. Shiva - Offense-heavy stats, fast hard hitting rush and uses two enemies against their team, which sucks more for them if they’re the best ones. And stun for two turns as an active skill. Even better for delaying toons about to pop off or using disruptive weapons.

Honestly, too many good people with their uses. Rick, Vincent, Gator. Just wasn’t that easy to make this list.

Edit: Looks like I’m about to The Governor to the list.

i love all of your lists

from the ones I own across 3 regions

I really do like this post.

  1. Dante (my new favorite defense leader)
  2. Mirabelle (Range Attack Leader, Stun gun holder)
  3. Lucas (3 Impair, 66 AR, Stun gun holder)
  4. Dwight (His AR is 37 pages long so it must do something cool)
  5. Bruce (Disarm and 58 AR to handle all those damn zekes)

thnks so much lol