What Positive Attack Statuses Does 6* Gov Remove

Is it only +XX% attack, or does it include things like +Crit and Focus?

Good question. I don’t see the answer in the first post of The Combat thread.


@Agrajag Correct me if I am wrong, but I think it is only Attack Boost.

Including hold the line?

Yes, but HTL there is a catch, check the Combat Guide.

There will be no catches sir, swiper no swiping!

Seems to me so many little this and that for a skill. Like guardian had a patch saying one thing next thing we know it’s all a sudden a bug and now it’s back to exactly the same thing as before. It’s like we need a bible per each skill because it is a but in case if x y and z and sometimes g…some people ascended guardian zeke specifically because a patch note released said it was going to change and that it had basically always not worked as inteneded. Everyone ascends and then boom new patch wait we changed our minds from last patch. Sure on offense it’s great but basically makes him nothing special and I would have passes on ascending him. As I think a lot would have as well. Some players building specific sort of teams ascend and build weapons for that defense or offense and put a lot of time and resources into these things and it’s just another thing I feel that was what I call “the word game” find ways to go back and say but I did say this so I didn’t actually promise or it did say this so…please can we just have a complete description tab on toons profile to hit and get explanation on how it works. Not some vague explanation, detailed how it’s been done here in the specialist thread.

I know how it works thanks and forums are for feedback not to explain every single mechanic of the game I am not the only one who saw this issue. Go back and read patch notes

Sure, here :alert: :tough: :fast: :strong: Combat Reference Guide [Updated w/ Weapon Effects]

What I meant

7.2 Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue where status effects were not blocked by the Guardian specialist skill.


  • Fixed an issue where Guardian shield could prevent negative status effects gained without taking damage.

As per 9.0 Guardian shield still prevents status effects, but it needs be alongside damage. You affirmation is not true, sir.

In patch notes 7.2, in any moments isn’t stated that Guardian would prevent ALL status effects, it states fixed AN ISSUE where status effects were not blocked. This issue is exactly status effects alongside damage.

Let me ask u this? The “bug” wasn’t fixed in 8.0 patch but in 9.0 it was? . I speak for a good majority of people in my region and others, the way we understood was this was intentional. Then 2 patches later it was a bug. Either way the whole thing was confusing and misleading not just to me. I know there’s a thread on here speaking about it. When the patch came out the explanation I got from someone who frequents the forums and is very knowledable of the game was that guardIan would prevent status effects. Until very recently when it was called a bug a lot thought this is how it worked with that patch saying it fixed the issue. Seems every time there’s a big issue it goes back go word play it’s frustrating to the player base. Before 7.2 I had not ever seen any issues on how it was originally explained to work. I posses several toons who confuse so this is another reason this was misleading. Was this a game wide issue?

Because this bug was found by a player in the old forums when 8.0 was live.

Let me ask you, If it wasn’t a bug, why would the fighter keep the shield after preventing the status effect? Do you really believe that is the regular shield behaviour? Because was this issue that got fixed.

OK I think im.confusing this even more. When the patch came out stating a fix originally I had never had any issues with it. The way it came across was that this was something being added that it guarded tooons from receiving confuse ect . So when I hit with Priya it always worked like I thought. Once all these different patches came out and how they were explored made it seem as it got changed then unchanged. There were others also confused. So that’s why I asked was this original bug game wide?.

I think the way I’m explaining this just made this more confusing then original doesn’t matter anymore it’s done and fixed regaurdless. But I can tell u I wasnt the only one mislead thru all this

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