What percentage of people playing the game cheat do you think?


Sometimes I’m facing a team that has 5 stun weapons and just wonder how did they get so lucky? Or do I just have really bad luck?


It aint hard man

I have 13 best in slot trait weapons, 2 yrs playing, lots of tape left.

RNG RNG can a get a clap for RNG!

You’ll go on a dry streak of never getting what you want, but the moment you stop caring if your craft succeeds… that is the moment you succeed


I right on thanks for the pep talk sometimes it’s just soooo frustrating


After being in several CRW, I would guess the percentage is high.


It’s easily possible been playing forever and I have 6 red stuns and 3 of every other special. I spend a lot of sets tho. Well I use to now there is no need. It’s just a case of getting the crit territories and grinding it out. And prey to nrg jesus


I got 4 stun defense 3 stun atk from the lvl 125 bump. Luck happens. Unlucky happens. Can’t count the number of times it took for me to get a absolute defense weapon. Comes and goes. In my experience it happens in waves. Even got an absolute defense and impair defense at the same time.