What other games do you like to play?


I’d like to know what other games you guys like playing (PC, console, mobile). I like to play a small quantity of games on Steam but most of them are F2P. I also like to play Dwarf Fortress, which is known as one of the most complex games ever made (also it’s free and moddable), and it just had a huge update yesterday. I used to have a 3DS but it broke a while ago, and to be honest, I’d rather get another 3DS than a Switch just because I would have just as much fun playing my old collection of 3DS games. Any other gamers out there?


Overwatch, Battlefield 1


Unskilled, dead trigger 2, Fifa and need for speed all on mobile.


South Park phone destroyer is great at start of every event get a free gift

They had an issue with hackers for about a week all got banned, then they stopped people using rooted devices and emulators and it is number 1 now on the Europe App Store.

Funny in game story and animations.

In apps prices are good can pretty much pay for anything but ftp also have access to these items just takes longer.

Can see great things for this game

Also play lord mobile they had a long server maintainace and gave £100 work of diamonds for each player for inconvenience, almost level playing field with lots of faction events.

Other than that gta works great on iPad,


Nice idea but banning rooted devices isn’t the best way to combat hackers because some people (me for example) use rooted devices for the purpose of using custom ROMs and/or getting software updates early in case the manufacturer ends software support for your device.


Yeah but then it allows them to block game guardian etc without it they are leaving door open to hackers I’d rather they didnt the allow it unless your a dev you don’t really need a rooted device.

Most people don’t use rooted anyway and it never hurt South Park.


When you grant some games permission to your storage, there is a script that detects all the apps installed in your device to check for hacking apps like game guardian, and when detected, the game could make you uninstall the hacking apps and then allow you to proceed. That would be a better solution.

Anyway though, thanks for your input and it’s great to see other people’s tastes in games.


Ill play chess on my phone with Lichess and Skyrim on PC.

My buddy played Dwarf Fortress. It was a pretty intense game from what I saw.


Final Fantasy Brave exvius, south park phone destroyer


My mainstays when there’s nothing newer and shinier drawing my attention

  • Stardew Valley
  • Overwatch
  • Europa Universalis IV
  • Binding of Isaac
  • Civilization V/VI

But for now Mario Odyssey.


THIS! :heart:


I was obsessed with Mario Odyssey for a couple of weeks before Skyrim VR came out last week. I’m also chipping away at South Park: The Fractured, But Whole and Middle Earth: Shadow of War (shoutout to my colleagues here) on mobile while I wait for the next Destiny 2 expansion.


Quite varied. Been playing lot’s of old Atari St games in emulator recently. Plan on playing Battlefront II with friends the next couple of months.


What about mobile games? I have time and money but Scopely doesn’t care.


The Last of Us: Factions (PS3)


Dork souls


I like Clash Royale, and Swamp Attack is silly mindless fun. Some Cut the Rope to tease my brain.


Starcraft 2 when I feel like pretending I’m good at RTS (it’s also free now BTW) the arcade also has some decent games created by the community.
I think killing floor 2 is my favourite tho. It’s got tons of gore, you can litterally slice the zeds in half with a katana. All the guns you can think of (including a nail gun and a double barrel boomstick)
There’s even a sledgehammer that fires an explosive round on contact. 10 perks with 25 levels each and class specific weapons… did I mention gore?


South park: phone destroyer

Ps3 games (I am a trophy Hunter)


Can’t wait to see what tlou 2 brings to the table