What Next SR Reward

Anyone know what is next SR Reward :grin::grin::grin: hahaha

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Who’s finger?

1/2 dt for legendary completion


Awe my comment was deleted

I’m hoping since a watch was completion reward last time that they will have a radio as a reward for this one

have these came out yet?

Not yet. Checked a few minutes ago.

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They had a radio 3x in a row for level ups with no other events having a watch. I personally have like 5 radios and had t buy a watch from faction assault depot. Would be nice if they allowed a choice. Or better yet a canteen or gps

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Wasn’t the last sr a watch for legendary? Not trying to be a smarty pants I got a few of each cause I haven’t ascended many 6 stars due to a lack of aidens, liliths and active trainers.

Yes it was but my point was we has 3 radios in a row previous…so it makes sense to offer 3 watches but I dont expect this to happen