What my faction doesn't understand about faction assault?

First, I apologize for my english.
Then, my faction did some faction assault stage 1 & stage 2 without any issue (yeah, we are kinda rookies), but we are stuck since 20-30 hours on stage 3 scene 4 first wave.
Each time we start the fight, all the opponents are full life. We may have made fifty attacks on the same 5 mobs, and they still are perfectly healthy.
Obviously, there is something we are doing very bad. Any idea about what it is?

Isn’t it the “leech life” ?

I remember my old fac’ spending few days trying to get through it.
If I’m not mistaken, all of them restore lift on hit and kill, which makes it the worst enemy if you can’t survive/use heal reduction

Since i’m not on the english version, I don’t know if there is a “leech life” skill in the oponent team. But there is a couple of guys with a skill which allow them to reanimate a teammate while killing an ennemi. It could be that…
But if it was really and only that, we should be able to harass them in a first wave without killing them in order to finish them on a second wave. But they are allways, allways full life.

If it is the stage with 3x leech life yellows, try this. Attack with only 4 characters and then retreat. When they kill you they heal themselves. Don’t let them hit you


Hey, i didn’t saw this answer. Interesting strategy, we’ll try this next time. Thanks, Mountkay :slight_smile:

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Also, if it is the stage with blue tyreese always being at full Heath, it is a bug, and I reported it to developers. The developers have logged it and hopefully it is fixed soon.

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