What museum event would get you excited

Which museum event would make you excited?

  • Gear event where you can select items needed (like old gear events)
  • Gear event with RNG boxes like winter FA event
  • Tokens for a 6* or 5* ascendable wheel
  • Guaranteed 5* ascendable character like gloves event
  • Tokens for a mixed 5* non ascendable 6* and 5* ascendable wheel
  • Weapon parts and 4* weapons wheel (maybe with stun guns + green abs weapon in wheel)
  • Free premier pulls
  • RNG coin packs
  • No more museum events I’m sick of them

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Just for fun don’t expect anyone at scopely to pay attention I’m not that stupid lol

Should be like the older collections with gear and an ascendable like the wyatt, eugene, lucas ones

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Museum collection with alpha.

The FA event would definitely have been a better event if they let people choose the gear they wanted.

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Oh, I didn’t notice RNG coin packs.
This would be great.
A bag with 4 items: 10000 coins, 9999 coins, 9998 coins and 9997 coins and would be obtainable 10 times without any serious effort.

I didn’t want to go higher than 10k. I wanted to be realistic haha :joy:

The eugene/abe collection had it right. Give the option to buy the gear directly, or for those who would like a unique toon, have a collection that is about what u get over the entire span of the event for that toon. I thought Eugene was gonna be useless but he’s actually pretty good on atk. Carries a stun, has bonus ho, confuse, taunt. Great cc

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Where’s the option for the most popular museum event in RTS history? Choose your side, where both options are good in the meta at the time the museum event ends.

Active FTP were able to complete the event with normal activity levels.
Not RNG which toon you get.
Not ‘everyone gets this toon’.
You pick one of two choices.


In retrospect what GAME choices that had to be made that have any lasting impact ?



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The impact on your mental health and wallet.

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What about magna?

Oh yeah, right, and MAGNA OR KOA PLEASE SCOPELY ! ( i know i beg for nothing lol )

The one time I did a mega and the wife made me sleep on the couch… My back hurt for days… Is that a lasting effect?

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Why can’t scopley do events like the A New Threat that stuff was awesome I didn’t get the gun nor did I get Dwight because I was barely starting. But I really really loved those stuff we’re their we’re daily fun challenging road maps to do

I didn’t vote because I would want an ascendable character that I can actually use on my team. To give an idea, my offense team hasn’t changed for the last 5 months (?).

The Carly’s, Rose’s, Dwight’s, Knox’s, etc. are all nice I guess, but ultimately useless to me.

My ranged attack team hasn’t changed in a year an a half Mira Dwight tyresse tyresse guardian Ezekiel plows thru Erica magna teams with good mod setup.
Would like to see alpha reward although I already have him on both accounts or maybe a disarm character something to stir up the timeout meta.
As for coins I was thinking more like 300, 500, 1000 and 2000 in the RNG box not 9999!
Biggest thing for me ATM is the lack of 6* gear for those not active enuff to hold platinum league spot u can’t even purchase gear to tier 4 ur characters and this is making the activity gap massive which will hurt the game by limiting the playerbase in the long run

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