What Mods should I use on my team?


Hey Everyone,

I’m finally getting somewhere with my team. But now I’m wondering about the mods.

I was hoping you guys could help me out and tell me what Mods are better for my toons.

by the way I’m 1 Tier away of ascending Magna, from the anniversary pull.


I try to make them balanced i.e. id put an attack mod on javier as his is veeery low and some more def on Ty etc


lol attack on Javi. the tankier he is the more useful he becomes, so defense and hp are waay better for him


for characters with high Hp give them a lot of defense on mods and weapon, for characters with high attack give them attack mods or crit dmg mods if you have a good crit weapon


right now I have difficulty killing strong toons with evasion.
the other day I just couldn’t kill violet… but i didn’t have Yumiko with fire dmg.

Yumiko has life, atk and fire mods.
I’m betting more on Hp because Javier boost HP.

Do you think I should change?


dont think your characters are bad cuz you cant kill that Violet, she`s overpowered but can be killed with grenades . More defense on Javi, he already has one of the highest HP , so by having a lot of defense he will be hard to kill


not talking about the challenge… Raids!


i don`t know what to say about 6 star Yumiko, cuz i left mine at 5 star because she has a stun and neutralize and i did not want to trade that for her 6 star. Now i have her modded with defense so she can stay alive to stun and netralize as long as she can


Yumiko can kill evasion characters with that burn dmg. Also use that confuse active Yumiko has on the strongest enemy in raids. i have Naya and she has 400 fire dmg on her weapon and 600 to 2 enemies on her Rush, sometimes i can have an entire team on fire.


This is the opposite. If they are attack toons, you beef up their attack. If they are defense toons, you beef up defense/hp. The toons are designed a certain way, so it is better to increase their strengths rather than try to balance them.


well mate, i balance them and my current attack team goes trough most teams - 2xErika, 2x magna and hunter etc etc (apart from a handful in my region) like through butter with 5 alive. I went against the logic with my ranged and i rarely lose a toon - if i do its michonne because i went with attack, crit chance and att against reds to get rid of Erikas. Sid used to get killed the whole time but now his rush triggers Ty which is usually a game over.

To each their own but his Ty will be killed by most yellows before his slow rush is ready.


I agree with @Zombay rather than @WhiteWolf18 - I tend to prefer to balance out a characters weakness. So I have a Shiva with 2300 / 1800 / 2200, Ty with 2400 / 2300 / 1700 etc.

The only difference is when it comes to particular characters who have a role, Gaurdian Zeke is a good example, he is just there to shield so whilst a bit of crit damage is nice, he needs to stand up to all the generic Carl + Shiva + …… + Glenn teams so I tank the shit out of him. Command characters, healers or shields would be similar.

It generally depends on what weapons and leader skill you can apply, and how you use them. I don’t care for Ty’s HP because I generally run him behind Mirabelle who gives + 40%


to be fair you all know better. i have been playing for 3 months, so i don`t have the best advice to give


It all depends on leader skill and what skills your team has. If you run an Erika def team, you want high hp bc she gives everyone bonus hp with her rush. If you run yellow rosita def team, high def might be better bc she gives bonus def with her rush. Now, I wouldn’t recommend giving your Erika attack mods just bc her atk sucks. But, bolstering characters weaknesses is effective in some cases. Shiva with over 2300 atk and 2300 def can be annoying when behind a Carl lead.


I so agree. I see a lot of zekes with crits mods so I try to take advantage of him quickly. Likewise an erica with att mods and so forth, that’s weak, their role is to support so they need to be tanky not to be taken out first or second round. :wink:


SO you guys think, since Javier is already increasing HP that i should increase Def?
But if I increase HP, they benifit more from Javier… No?


I think you should give him defense set mods but you can put a hp one in the stat slot also. Make him more tanky.


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