What Mod's should I place

What mod’s do you recommend to improve my fighters?

I think it is very important to reduce Confusion, but I’m not sure if I should improve vitality, defense or attack

Depends on the fighter if u post some fighters in your team we can give u better help that way

These are the characters they use to attack and defend
For now they are the best I have

Christa attack set attack hp ap drain taunt resist attack versus you can pick

Magna hp set def mod stun and taunt resist def versus blue reflect

Rick hp set hp def mod taunt resist def versus green ap drain

Would u mind posting the profile of Davis and victor i am not familiar with them

Both same or similar to christa for mods

ok, thx

I’ve got Hershel 5 * that goes up
I think it will be good to replace it with Davie

What mod’s do you recommend?
defense set, alert resistance, HP and?